PS Superannuants Contacts

There are a number of members of the Executive Committee who have agreed to act as points of contact between PS Superannuants and members or intending members. The names and relevant details for these people are listed below.

If you select on an individual’s email address then your browser should open your normal e-mail software ready for you to compose your message. When the message is ready just send it in the usual way. If selecting the link does not open your e-mail software then you will have to make a note of the address, leave this website, and then send the e-mail.

James Vandenberg, President

T:  8242 1601
M:  0407 795 163

Dianne Baron, Secretary



Max Jahn, Membership Officer

Box 348, Modbury North, SA 5092

Max can be contacted about membership status

Michael Evans, Treasurer

T:  (08) 8557 8184

Michael Evans should be contacted for questions you might have about the Association’s finances.