Next Meeting


Following the announcement that from Monday 16 March there will be a nationwide ban on organised gatherings of 500 or more people, your Association’s Committee took medical advice in respect of our General Meetings. The advice was that we should suspend our General Meetings starting with the meeting scheduled for 30 March coming. The reason given by the two medicos was that even though our numbers at these meetings are relatively small, the vulnerability of our age group to more serious episodes of COVID-19 is very high. The Committee has been advised that the incidence of the virus in Australia is likely to peak and decline over a short period – at worst several months – after which we can safely resume our regular program of General Meetings. The Committee will post regular bulletins on this website about when General Meetings will resume. Information will also be available in the next newsletter. I would like to thank our planned guest speakers for their cooperation with this decision and thank our Guest Speaker Coordinator for the work he will be doing to make it possible for the earliest possible resumption of this activity. On behalf of the Committee I apologise for the short notice of this suspension of one of this Association’s most important activities. We believe that this decision is in the best interest of our members.

Peter Fleming



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