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  • The next General Meeting will be Monday August 29th when our guest speaker will be a representative from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, who will speak about the history of the RFDS and the important work it does providing emergency medical service in Outback and country Australia. 

Attention Victorian Members
To access Victorian Branch specific information please click on the “Victorian Branch” section in the top tool bar. Additional Victorian specific information can be accessed via the Members Portal as it becomes available.


  • The June Executive Committee minutes can be read in the Member’s Portal
  • Background information for January 2021 survey on issues of concern to members: click here
  • “We have created a Superannuation Advisory Group and are looking for interested people to take part. For more information please click here.”

  Minutes of the June 27th General Meeting  can now be read here


PS Superannuants is an association of public sector retirees/employees providing representation and advocacy for members of the Commonwealth and SA Government superannuation schemes. For many years membership of the Association was restricted to members of the State Pension Scheme but has, in recent years, been opened up to members of other Government schemes. The Association speaks for all its members, those retired and those still at work. 


Keep members informed regarding superannuation and other financial matters.


Watch over members’ welfare in regard to superannuation.


Represent the interests of members through various affiliations and consultative forums.


Provide a stimulating and congenial meeting place for Super SA pensioners and and Commonwealth CSS and PSS pensioners.

who can join?


Anyone receiving, or eligible to receive, a lifetime pension from the South Australian Superannuation Fund can join the Association.


Members of other South Australian Government superannuation schemes as outlined on the Eligibility page of this website.


Anyone receiving or eligible to receive a pension or annuity from the Commonwealth CSS or PSS scheme

why should you join?

Because the South Australian public sector superannuation schemes are subject to legislative modification by the State Government which might occur on top of the modifications that a Federal Government makes. Good outcomes require effective representation at both levels of government.

  • Keep informed regarding superannuation and other financial matters.
  • Supported welfare in regard to superannuation.
  • Be represented through various affiliations and consultative forums.
  • Access to a stimulating and congenial meeting place.

Join PS Superannuants today

The Committee and membership of PS Superannuants extend a warm greeting to all new members and particularly, former members of the Superannuated Commonwealth Officers Association (SCOA).