Getting more information about superannuation

The links immediately below should provide a person receiving a Super SA pension with access to quite a lot of information relevant to their circumstances.

Super SA This link will take you to the Super SA website which is the best source of information about your pension available on the internet.

Resolving a complaint with Super SA

Centrelink This link will take you to a series of fact sheets produced by the Centrelink Financial Information Service.

Australian Tax Office This link will take you to the superannuation page of the tax office website.

The Financial Information Desk is an independent, confidential service funded by National Seniors Australia that aims to improve the investment information available to older Australians.

Public Service Association of SA

Members having a more general interest in superannuation might find these additional sites worthwhile.

ASFA This is the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia.

ComSuper This is the Federal Government Superannuation Office.

Superannuation Act, 1988 This link will take you to the State Act which establishes the rules of your pension scheme.

ACPSRO  ( Australian Council of Public Sector Retiree Organisations)

ACPSRO Constitution

Here are some links to organisations similar to S.A. Superannuants.

Tasmanian Association of State Superannuants

Superannuated Commonwealth Officers Association (WA) , SCOA(WA).

This organisation has a Facebook  site only.