General Information

Current membership stands at about 1700. Current Fees are listed on the How to Join page of this website. People can pay annually or they may purchase a life membership.

There are General Meetings held from February to November. The feature of these meetings are the Guest Speakers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The affairs of PS Superannuants are managed by an Executive Committee which meets on a monthly basis and on the same day as the general meeting. Newsletters are distributed three times per year with members able to choose to receive them by post at their home address or by electronic delivery through their e-mail address.

PS Superannuants is an organisation run by volunteers and its objectives are to


Keep members informed regarding superannuation and other financial matters.


Watch over members’ welfare in regard to superannuation.


Represent the interests of members directly to government and through various affiliations and consultative forums.


Provide a stimulating and congenial meeting place for Super SA pensioners and Commonwealth CSS and PSS pensioners.