Annual Committee Elections

Elections to the Committee are held annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Any member wishing to nominate for a position on the Executive Committee can do so by post or e-mail to the Association Secretary at:

Secretary, PS Superannuants

GPO Box 2036
Adelaide SA 5001

The position that a member is interested in nominating for must be clearly specified. The Secretary must receive nominations by 21 January. 

The current Executive Committee  is:

 President: James Vandenberg(acting)

 Vice President: Vacant

 Secretary: Brenton Pain

 Research & Information: Ray Hickman (Dr)

 Treasurer: Michael Evans (Dr)

 Membership Officer: Max Jahn

 Guest Speaker Coordinator: Ian Beckingham

 Committee Members: 

Peter Fleming, Barry Grear AO’ Alan Raftery, 

 Observers: Eileen Pritchard, Keren Wicks (Dr)

 Website Manager & Public Officer

Peter Frick


Preside and conduct all general meetings and Committee meetings. Enforce order and expedition in the conduct of the business. Serve ex-officio as a member of all committees appointed by the Executive Committee, and act in all matters of urgency in conjunction with the Secretary.


Preside over meetings and perform the duties of the President in his/her absence, and assist in preserving order.


Attend all general meetings and Committee meetings. Keep a copy of all correspondence and minutes. Discharge all such other duties and services assigned by the Committee.

Assistant Secretary

Assist the Secretary in his/her allotted duties, and perform any other duties and services assigned to him/her from time to time by the Committee.


Keep all financial records of the Association. Furnish at each meeting a statement showing the financial position of the Association. Prepare and submit to the Australian Tax Office any statement of income.

Speaker Coordinator

Arrange for a Guest Speaker for every General Meeting and the Annual General Meeting. Meet and greet all Guest Speakers to each meeting and formally introduce them.

Membership Officer

Keep a register of all members of the Association, and receive membership fees, issue receipts for fees to members. Provide a list of members’ addresses for the dispatch of newsletters or other communications to members.

For full list of Officer Duties please read the Constitution.

In addition to these positions there are 6 committee positions of which at least two are to be held by women and two by men.